French wine personalities

We created this list to honour people 
who crafted wines
which will enlighten our lives.....  

principle  : people who contribute, or contributed to the fame of wine in France, today or 60 years ago.

Bernard Arnault & Albert Frère : owners of Château Cheval Blanc               (Saint Emilion) , one of the greatest wineries in the world.

Bernard Arnault owner of : Château Yquem (Sauternes), one of the greatest wineries in the world.

 Vincent Avril( Domaine Clos des Papes in Châteauneuf du Pape) : amongst the great winemakers from the Rhône Valley south, they have been awarded best wine of the world in 2005 and are often ranked in the top 10 by the Wine Spectator.

Michel Bettane : a wine critic and writer, even known outside of France

Jacques Berthomeau : who wrote the Berthomeau report, this report on wine, wineries and winemakers has been suggesting new directions to the French gov.bodies

Jean-Charles Boisset : head of the biggest negociant company in Burgundy, they own also some vineyards in this region

Henri Bonneau : a great vigneron from Chateauneuf du Pape, we lost him in 2016, and his son with the help of Daniel Combin are continuing the legend

Claude and Lydia Bourgignon : their very innovative approach of how to improve the wines in improving the soils has brought very good results. The vignerons who had them as consultants are amongst the best everywhere in the world.

Philippe Cambie : oenologist, who greatly contributed to the fame of the wines from the Rhône south, no doubt that in the wine history in this area, one will notice a before, and after, Philippe Cambie consulting.

 Chapoutier Family (Domaine Chapoutier) : vigneron and negociant from Rhone north and south

Michel Chasseuil : incredible collector of wines from all over the world, beside some very old spirits. 
Coming inside his cellar is like entering in a somptuous cathedral dedicated to wines and grape spirits, something you will remember all your life.

Jules Chauvet : French negociant, know to be the father of natural wine (a very French affair)

Jean Louis Chave : for his great Hermitage (Rhone north), one of the greatest wineries in the world

Jean François Coche-Dury (Domaine Coche-Dury) :  a great vigneron in Burgundy

François Cotat (Domaine Cotat) : one of the best Loire vigneron

Thierry Cuilleron : one of the best Rhône north vigneron

Didier Dagueneau : an incredibely gifted vigneron, who retrieved from oblivion the Pouilly Fumé appellation, died in 2008, his son Benjamin is making incredible wines too

Christophe Delorme : a exceptional vigneron, who contributed a lot to the fame of a Rhone south wine : Lirac, which begins to be known outside of the connoisseurs circle. 
These wines are an incredible bargain.
He did also a lot for the famous only rosé wine : Tavel, rising its wine to a never achieved level : the best rosé in the world
 He has been crafting some of the best Châteauneuf du Pape in 2000-2012 vintages.
He died too early in 2015.

Stéphane Derenoncourt : wine consultant for many Châteaux in Bordeaux

Thierry Desseauve : a wine critic and writer, even known outside of France

Clarence Dillon : Château Haut Brion owner, (Graves, Pessac Léognan), one of the greatest wineries in the world

Georges Duboeuf : a major player in Beaujolais

Dubois-Challon-Vauthier families : Château Ausone owners (Saint Emilion) , one of the greatest wineries in the world

Denis Dubourdieu : a Bordeaux university professor, who runs also several Châteaux in Bordeaux

 Dugat Py family(Domaine Dugat Py) : vignerons in Burgundy, one of the greatest wineries in the world

Michel Dovaz : writer and professor in wine

Henri Enjalbert (died in 1983) : a very talented geology and terroir professor, was based in Bordeaux

Faller family (Domaine Weinbach) : vignerons in Alsace, one of the greatest wineries in the world.

Feraud family (Domaine du Pegau) : vignerons in Châteauneuf du Pape, one of the great vigneron of the Rhone south area.

Pierre Gaillard (Domaine Pierre Gaillard) : one of the great vigneron of the Rhone north area.

Pierre Galet : writer of a worldwide covering grape varities encyclopedia

Guigal Family ( Domaine Marcel Guigal) : négociants and vignerons in Rhone north area

J.N. Pinguet (Domaine Huet) : has contributed to the fame of one of the best Loire estates

Jean Hugel (Domaine Hugel) : well known Alsatian vigneron, died in 2009, his Domaine continues to shine

Family Humbrecht (Domaine Zind Humbrecht) : great vignerons in Alsace

Maison Paul Jaboulet, a famous négociant from the Rhone North, the most famous cuvée is :  La Chapelle in Hermitage AOP.

Henri Jayer : very innovative vigneron who brought a lot to the Burgundy area, died in 2006. His Cros-Parentoux Vosne-Romanée, cuvée became one of the most expansive wine in the world, due also to the very low number of bottles left in the world. The last vintage made by him, being the 2001 vintage.

Nicolas Joly (Domaine la Coulée de Serrant) : vigneron in Loire, and one of the biodynamy guru

Odette Kahn: wine writer, and one of the key person of the French magazines : Cuisine et Vins de France and also Revue du Vin de France

Family Krug: head of one of the best Champagne wineries, and one of the greatest wineries in the world.

Family Boüard de Laforest : Château l’Angelus owner (Saint Emilion), one of the greatest wineries in the world.

Anne-Claude Leflaive (Domaine Leflaive) : vigneronne in Burgundy, one of the greatest wineries in the world. Died in 2015.

Max Léglise : famous oenologist (died in 1996)

May-Eliane de Lencquesaing : the previous owner of  Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande,  and talented Bordeaux ambassador all over the world

Pierre Leclerc : previous manager of the Cevise  and COREVI ( non profit org. dedicated to the Provence wines and wine consumption in general). Thanks to Pierre's actions, the French Paradox has been widely broadcasted into the French press, and in the same time the wine consumption statistics have been looking much better during 10 years, even outside of France !

Baron Pierre Le Roy : one of the creators of the INAO and powerfull vigneron in Châteauneuf du Pape, and has been well advising the Tavel vignerons too (died in 1967).

Alexis Lichine : wine writer, and owner of a famous Bordeaux Châteaux (died in 1989)

Lalou Bize Leroy (Domaine Leroy) : exceptional vigneronne in Burgundy, one of the greatest wineries in the world.

Bernard Magrez : owner of several Châteaux in Bordeaux and elsewhere

Corinne Metzelopoulos :  Château Margaux owner (Médoc, Margaux), one of the greatest wineries in the world.

François Pinault recently bought Clos de Tart : one of the greatest Burgundy winery

Famille de Montgolfier ( Domaine Bollinger) : owner in Champagne, one of the greatest wineries in the world.

Jean Pierre Moueix :  Château Petrus owner ( Libournais, Pomerol) , one of the greatest wineries in the world.

Famille Perrin ( Domaine de Beaucastel) : vignerons in Châteauneuf du Pape, amongst the best wineries of the Rhône south

Émile Peynaud : very innovative oenologist, has brought a lot to the vinification methods (died in 2004)

François Pinault :  Château Latour owner (Médoc, Pauillac), one of the greatest wineries in the world.

Famille Rapet ( Domaine Rapet) : one of the great Burgundy winery

Serge Renaud : who found the famous  French Paradox, thanks to him, the wine consumption has been rising quite everywhere in the world, since. Died in October 2012. His work have been continued by Dominique Lanzmann-Petithory.
This man has been a key man for all the vignerons in the whole world and all the wine lovers. 

Christophe Remond : has created around 2000 year, the Iacchos talk list, and through this Internet media, launched a new fame and interest for the wine. The members of this list have then created discussion groups named La Passion du Vin or Buveurs d'étiquettes.These groups are still in operation and rich of rewarding experiences.

Jacques Reynaud ( Domaine Rayas) vigneron, his Châteauneuf du Pape have always been above everything,  his nephew Emmanuel is proving that he was able to reach the same level.
 One of the greatest winery from the Rhône south, and from the world.

Michel Rolland : oenologist famous all over the world, he is doing the vinification of a big number of estates, all over the world.

Jean Claude and Fredéric Rouzaud ( Champagne Roederer): one of the greatest winery of Champagne

Eric de Rothschild : château Lafite Rotschild owner ( Médoc, Pauillac) , one of the most famous winery in the world

Christophe Sabon (Domaine de la Janasse) : one of the greatest estates of the Rhône south

Anselme Selosse (Maison Jacques Selosse) : his Champaign wines are indredible and Anselme created such good Champaign, giving his region much more credit. He is one the very good vigneron from Champagne.

Marlène Soria (Domaine Peyre Rose) : a great vigneronne, making gorgeous Roussillon wines, the top of them.

Jean Luc Thunevin : pioneer in doing exceptional garage wines in Bordeaux

Famille Trapet ( Domaine Jean Louis Trapet) : one of the greatest wineries of Burgundy

Famille Trimbach (Domaine Trimbach) : great vignerons in Alsace

Famille Usséglio (Domaine Pierre Usséglio) : one of the greatest estates of the Rhône south

Laurent Vaillé ( Domaine La Grange des Pères):  a great vigneron, making fabulous Languedoc, the top of this area, and close to be one of the greatest winery in the world.

Christian Vanneque : Head sommelier in La Tour d’Argent, a prestigious restaurant with one the best restaurant cellar of the world

François Villard (Domaine François Villard) : one othe greatest vigneron from Rhône north

Aubert de Villaine ( Domaine de la Romanée Conti) : one of the greatest estates of the world

Jean-Claude Vrinat : owner of Taillevent restaurant and true lover of great wines

author : Fabrice Delorme